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Next Step management would like to say thank you for joining our mailing list.  We have several upcoming sales for you to view but as always, each home should look presentable before publishing. 

 As we proceed with the process of our next sale, we will be making a list of all items and taking photos for everyone to view. Please be patient and remember if you have not subscribed to our mailing list please do so. Our subscribers are the first to receive information on our upcoming sales. 

If you have a resale certificate, our company requires you to leave a new certificate with the cashier at checkout each time you make a purchase. 
We must submit those tickets with the state of Florida every month. 

Cash or local checks with proper ID.
A 7% sales tax will be applied to each purchase unless a valid Florida resale certificate is presented. We do pre-sell large furniture items.

Subscribe to our website to be the 1st to get information on our upcoming sales. 

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