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Hoarder House Update

The date of this sale is still pending due to the enormous amount of time and items we are still working through. I will add more to this list on our website and continue to give updates. 

I will post photos at a later date. 

We have took on a hoarder house. This property has several buildings we have gone through and still need to go through.

The growing list of items to date are:


*Juke box,


*self playing organ

*antique dolls

*Vintage toys and games

* a library filled with books

* gardening supplies

*Riding lawn mower 

*brand new,  countless number of items from tools to cookware

* palets full of pots and pans

* record albums

* a trailer filled with jewelry

* fountains

* countless framed art,

*yard decoration


* baccarat

* purses ranging from Louis Vuitton, coach bags, box purses and many other brands that escape me at the moment.



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