Staging & Pricing

Managing work space areas, takes time. Our process is to sort items & take out the trash. Like items are placed in like areas. Preventing overcrowding in display areas.  Cleaning all areas of each room to begin staging.


A lot of everyday items in a home usually has an average set price. Now for those unusual items. We take the time to research that item, maker & date it was made and locate the buyers for those item. Our team has done a phenomenal job locating buyers all over America and closing the deal on the spot!

Priced to Sell

Each piece has a place in your home. We take those pieces and start a theme. Tables are set up, tablecloths placed on each table. Cleaned like items are then placed and ready to be priced. 

  Staging Areas

The sale has been published in multiple market places including your local papers. Collectors have been contacted and mass emails sent to our VIPS. We have an offer box inside. We charge a 7% sales tax on all sales and a 3% surcharge charged on card sales only. The duration of a sale can last from 2 to 6 days. We take payments by phone. Presales are welcome on furniture, automobiles, and appliances. 

Sale Day