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Staging & Pricing


To manage a workplace requires organization skills from unique individuals! We have unique team trained to do just that. Our goal is to process each home leaving a warm and welcoming environment  for everyone to enjoy.

Each team member has a task to make sure all areas of each room is cleaned and all trash is removed prior to staging.

Every piece of furniture and all items in the home will be cleaned.  All electrical items will be tested before staging. 


Priced to Sell

A lot of everyday items in a home usually has an average set price. Now for those unusual items, such as the table in the photo below. We take the time to research that item, maker & date it was made and locate the buyers for those item. Our team has done a phenomenal job locating buyers all over America and closing the deal on the spot!

 This isn't an easy task to endure. This is what makes our team members special and unique.


  Staging Areas

Tables are set up with tablecloths placed on each table. As you can see in the photo below all tools are neatly placed on each table to make it easier for our customers to find.

 Kitchen items are found in the kitchen and/or dining area depending on space. 

Recreational items and games are placed in the same area.  

Preventing overcrowding in display areas can be a little tricky if all spaces in the home are not utilized properly. Our goal is to make it worth your while to attend our sales with clarity.


Sale Day

The sale has been published in multiple market places including your local papers. Collectors have been contacted and mass emails sent to our VIPS. 

 No parking signs are displayed in designated areas to maintain the flow of traffic and to prevent blocking mail carriers and garbage trucks from their daily routine. 

We have an offer box inside. We charge a 7% sales tax on all sales and a 3% surcharge charge on card sales only. The duration of a sale can last from 2 to 6 days. We take payments by phone. Presales are welcome on furniture, automobiles, and appliances. 

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