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What are estate sales and how can they help me?

 This answer is pretty simple. It’s a process where the items are staged, researched, priced, advertised, sold and the proceeds collected and distributed. Sounds easy, right? It isn’t. Sure, it can be done even by amateurs, but when the right company is doing the work, it can pay off 1000 fold!


So, how are companies different?

An estate liquidation company is only as good and the people running it. The services can range from Excellent to horrible. I can give dozens of examples but the space prevents that here. Simply look at the reviews. Satisfied customers and satisfied clients are what you should see. 

How is Next Step different?

We take care of EVERYTHING! We are a complete 5-star company. While other companies are simply churning through sales, trying to put the absolute minimum work into the job, we operate on the exact opposite principle. We spend no less than 100-300+ hours on every job! Why? Because we strive to put on the best sale possible and getting the MOST money from the estate. As owners, Tonya and myself are involved in every step of the process. We don’t just delegate the task, we spearhead them.


What are MY responsibilities?

This is the best part. Your responsibility is to sign the contract. THAT’S IT! From that point on we handle everything. There are no upfront costs. Any advertising costs are taken from the estate proceeds after the sale.


What is the Next Step?

Call me at 352-247-1227. My name is Eric and I love answering your questions. Our best clients are educated clients and I will speak with you as long as necessary. We are among the best in the business for a reason.

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