Next Step Estate Sales is proudly teaming up with RBfinearts and  will be co-hosting a large online sports memorabilia auction June 20th 2020 beginning at 2:00 pm. All items are physically located in Tavares, Florida and are available for pre-auction inspection at the gallery by appointment only. Appointments are scheduled Mon-Sat between the hours of 10:00-4:00 pm. The auction consists of 364 individual lots and the bidding should be fierce.

This auction is the lifelong collection of David and Joanne Plotkin. David grew up right down the street from Old Yankee Stadium and would regularily attend games and chase down his favorite players for their autographs. Before long, he was hooked! His passion was equally shared by his son, who was offered an opportunity to work for a prominent sports attorney at a young age. David's son eventually went on to become a well known, accomplished sports agent that has handled numerous high profile athletes. As you can imagine, this opened many doors for David and Joanne to pursue their passion of collectable sports memorabilia (check out lot #157)!  David has many personal pictures of himself and various athletes and more than a few have invited him into their private homes. In fact, David was personally invited by Thurman Thomas to attend his Football Hall of Fame induction in Canton, Ohio. The vast majority of items have COA's and David and Joanne are very much alive and healthy and happy to provide any additional information about any auction item.

Interested bidders can visit the following link to register for the auction, view additional details and/or schedule a viewing.


Lot #

L1) Muhammad Ali & Sugar Ray Leo and Autographed Boxing Glove

2) Signed Muhammad Ali Everlast Gloves with M.A. Doll and Photo

3) Bernard Hopkins Autographed Everlast Glove

4) Roy Jones Jr Autographed Everlast Glove w/COA

5) Hector "Macho" Camacho Autographed Everlast Glove 

6) Ken Norton Autographed Everlast Glove 

7) Ray Mancini Autographed Everlast Boxing Glove 

8) Joe Louis & Jake Lamotta Vintage Bobblehead Dolls

9) Lot of (4) Autographed Everlast Boxing Gloves

10) MICHAEL JORDAN Autographed Wilson Basketball w/ COA

11) Autographed Larry Bird Spalding Basketball

12) Autographed Shaw O'Neal Wilson Basketball w/ COA

13) Autographed Earvin "MAGIC" Johnson Spalding Basketball w/ COA

14) Signed Leroy Neiman Basketball "100 Years Of Basketball"

15) Autographed Butterbean vs Refrigerator Fight Poster Numbered 1 of 10!

16) Lot of 2 Autographed William "REFRIGERATOR" Perry Jersey & T-shirt w/ COA

17) Autographed William "The Fridge" Perry Mini Helmet (Chicago)

18) Autographed Dan Marino Wilson Football with Picture and COA

19) Autographed Dan Marino "Hall Of Fame" Mini Helmet. Special Edition

20) Walter Peyton, Eli & Archie Manning Signed Wilson NFL Footbal w/ COA

21) Eli Manning & Tiki Barber Signed NFL Football

22) Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk & Isaac Bruce Signed NFL Football

23) Autographed Gale Sayers Football. Chicago Bears Hall Of Fame

24) Autographed Joe Montana Football w/ COA. 49ers Hall of Fame

25) Autographed Jerry Rice Football . 49ers Hall of Fame

26) Autographed Joe Montana Mini Helmet w/ COA. 49ers 

27) Autographed Joe Theisman #7 Wilson Football 

28) Autographed Ricky Williams #34   Wilson Special Edition Replica Gold Football

29) Autographed Jim Kelly vs Dan Marino NFL All Stars Framed Poster

30) Autographed Chris Chambers Miami Dolphins Football 

31) Autographed Roger Wehrli Football. Hall of Fame

32) Autographed Tom Brady Football w/ COA

33) Lot of 3 Footballs. Autographed Mini Football by William Perry

34) Autographed Roger Wherli + many others Wilson Basketball

35) Autographed Walter Payton #34 Wilson Football w/ COA 

36) Autographed Walter Payton Game Photo. Chicago Bears #34

37) Autographed Peyton Manning Game Photo. Indianapolis Colts

38) Autographed Walter Payton Mini Helmet. Chicago Bears

39) Autographed Michael Irvin Mini Helmet- Special Edition. Hall of Fame

40) Autographed Hall of Fame NFL 2007 Class Mini Helmet. Thurman Thomas and many more

41) Autographed Thurman Thomas NFL Mini Helmet. Buffalo Bills

42) Autographed JOHNNY UNITAS NFL Mini Helmet w/ COA 

43) Autographed Peyton Manning Mini Helmet. Indianapolis Colts #18

44) Autographed Mini Helmet. JIM KELLY, MARV LEVY & ANDRE REED. Buffalo Bills

45) Autographed Frank Gifford Mini Helmet. New York Giants. Hall of Fame

46) Autographed Kurt Warner Mini Helmet. St Louis Rams. #13

47) Autographed Mark Duper Mini Helmet. Miami Dolphins 

48) Autographed Ricky Williams Mini Helmet. Miami Dolphins 

49) Autographed Len Dawson Mini Helmet. Kansas City Chiefs

50) Autographed "Mean" Joe Greene Mini Helmet. Pittsburgh Steelers 

51) Autographed Terrell Davis #30 Mini Helmet. Denver Broncos 

52) Autographed Bob Lilly #74 Mini Helmet. Dallas Cowboys 

53) Autographed Gale Sayers Mini Helmet. Chicago Bears 

54) Autographed Walter Payton Game Photo. Framed w/ COA 

55) Autographed Thurman Thomas 2007 Hall of Fame Poster

56) Autographed Thurman Thomas & Andre Reed Buffalo Bills Poster. Limited Edition (350 made)

57) Autographed Jim Kelly Game Photograph. Buffalo Bills 

58) Autographed William Perry Game Photo. Buffalo Bills 

59) Autographed Kurt Warner Game Photo. St Louis Rams 

60) Autographed Dan Marino Game Photo. Miami Dolphins 

61) Lot of 5. NFL Hall of Fame Player Photos. 2007 Class. Thurman, Thomas, Michael, Irvin, Roger, Wehrli

62) Peyton Manning Super Bowl MVP Bobblehead.  Indianapolis Colts. LIMITED EDITION (#3829 of 10,000)

63) Joe Montana Collectable Bobblehead. San Francisco 49ers 

64) Joe Jurevicious Collectable Bobblehead. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. LIMITED EDITION (#108 of 4000)

65) John Elway Collectable Bobblehead. Denver Broncos. LIMITED EDITION (#1839 of 7777)

66) Marshal Faulk Collectable Bobblehead. St Louis Rams. LIMITED EDITION (#3468 of 10,000)

67) Walter Payton Collectable Bobblehead. Chicago Bears. LIMITED EDITION (#13,780 of 16,726)

68) Jerry Rice Collectable Bobblehead. Oakland Raiders

69) Kurt Warner ALL-STAR Collectable Bobblehead. LIMITED EDITION (#83 of 12,000)

70) Ricky Williams Upper Deck Collectable Bobblehead. Miami Dolphins 

71) Dan Marino Collectable Bobblehead. #13 Miami Dolphins

72) Lot of 3 Collectable Bobbleheads. Zack Thomas, Ricky Williams, Dave Wannstedt. Miami Dolphins. Limited Edition 

73) Lot of 3 Collectable Bobbleheads. Warren Sapp, Keyshawn Johnson & Team Logo. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

74) Jerry Rice 1998 Action Figure w/ Card. San Francisco 49ers. UNOPENED. 

75) Lot of 3 Lg Ceramic Sports Figurines. 11" tall. Baseball, Football, Basketball 

76) Babe Ruth Large Bobblehead. 9.5" tall. New York Yankees. RARE. LIMITED EDITION (#189 of 5714) * Condition note- Right leg has been damaged but repaired. See pics

77) Roger Maris Collectable Bobblehead. New York Yankees 

78) Joe DiMaggio Collectable Bobblehead. 2003 Upper Deck. New York Yankees 

79) Yogi Berra Collectable Bobblehead. New York Yankees 

80) Mickey Mantle Collectable Bobblehead. New York Yankees 

81) Tom Glavine Collectable Bobblehead. New York Mets

82) Cal Ripkin Jr All-Star Collectable Bobblehead. 2001 Upper Deck. Baltimore Orioles 

83) Troy Tulowitski Collectable Bobblehead. 2016 Collectors Edition. Toronto Blue Jays

84) Sammy Sosa Collectable Bobblehead. 2003 Upper Deck. Chicago Cubs

85) Autographed Joe DiMaggio Baseball Plaque with figurine. New York Yankees. LIMITED EDITION (#172 of 361)

86) Autographed Johnny Bench Baseball w/ COA

87) Autographed Tony Olivia MLB Baseball w/ COA 

88) Autographed Yogi Berra MLB Baseball. New York Yankees. w/ COA

89) Autographed Nolan Ryan MLB Baseball w/ COS

90) Autographed Ernie Banks MLB Baseball w/COA 

91) Autographed Whitey Ford MLB Baseball with Card and Plaque. New York Yankees. w/ COA 

92) Autographed Dan Larsen MLB Baseball w/ COA 

93) Autographed Gary Carter MLB Baseball.  ALL-STAR MVP 1981 & 1984. w/ COA from Steiner Sports

94) Autographed Johnny Podres Baseball. 1955 World Series MVP. w/ COA from Elite Sports

95) Autographed Edwin "Duke" Snider Baseball. w/ COA from Elite Sports

96) Autographed Pete Rose "4256 Hits" MLB Baseball w/ COA 

97) Autographed Al Kaline 1980 Hall of Fame Baseball w/ COA 

98) Autographed Cal Ripkin Jr Mini Helmet. Baltimore Orioles. w/ COA 

99) Autographed Barry Bonds MLB Baseball w/COA 

100) Autographed Darryl Strawberry MLB Baseball w/ COA 

101) Autographed Bob Turley MLB Baseball. "1958 WS MVP" w/ COA from Steiner Sports 

102) Autographed Jackie Robinson 50th Anniversary Commemorative MLB Baseball w/ COA 

103) Autographed Gaylord Perry Baseball w/ COA 

104) Autographed Moose Skowron "5X WS Champs" Baseball. New York Yankees. Graded PSA/DNA 9.5 w/COA 

105) Autographed Mookie Wilson MLB Baseball w/ COA 

106) Autographed Ted Williams MLB Baseball w/ COA 

107) Autographed Harmon Killebrew MLB Baseball. "HOF 84" w/ COA 

108) Autographed Sammy Sosa Game Photo. Chicago Cubs. w/ COA 

109) Autographed Phil Rizzuto Photo. New York Yankees. w/ COA 

110) Autographed Rich "Goose" Gossage Baseball. New York Yankees. w/ COA 

111) Autographed Warren Spahn MLB Baseball. w/ COA 

112) Autographed Stan Musial MLB Baseball. w/ COA. PSA/DNA Graded 9.5

113) Autographed Steve Garvey Fleer Baseball. w/ COA 

114) Autographed Mickey Mantle MLB Baseball. New York Yankees. w/ COA 

115) Autographed Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez MLB Baseball. "WS 1999" w/ COA 

116) Autographed Jim Palmer Baseball. "HOF 1990" w/ COA 

117) Autographed Joe DiMaggio MLB Baseball. w/ COA 

118) Autographed Phil Rizzuto Baseball. World Series MVP "1951" New York Yankees. w/ COA 

119) Autographed Hank Bauer MLB Baseball. w/ COA 

120) Autographed Sammy Sosa MLB Baseball. w/ COA 

121) Autographed Ted Williams MLB Baseball. w/ COA 

122) Replicated Signature Babe Ruth Autographed 100th Anniversary Baseball. w/ COA 

123) Autographed Mel Stottlemeyer Baseball. New York Yankees. w/ COA 

124) Autographed Duke Snider MLB Baseball. w/ COA 

125) Autographed Pete Rose Batting Helmet. Cincinnati Reds. w/ COA 

126) Autographed Alex Rodriguez 2002 All-Star Game Baseball. w/ COA 

127) Autographed Mike Piazza 2002 All-Star Game Baseball w/ COA 

128) Autographed Alfonso Soriano MLB Baseball w/ COA 

129) Autographed Mickey Mantle Baseball. New York Yankees. w/ COA. Lot includes an original Mickey Mantle Restaurant Menu

130) Autographed Dave Kingman Plaque. New York Mets

131) Autographed Maury Wills MLB Baseball. "NL, MVP 1962" w/ COA 

132) Autographed Gary Carter MLB Baseball with Ticket Stub

133) Autographed Derek Jeter MLB 2000 World Series Baseball 

134) Autographed Sandy Koufax Baseball Plaque w/ COA and Player Card

135) Autographed Luis Taint Baseball. Personalize message "To Dave, Best Wishes From Luis Taint"

136) Autographed Earl Weaver MLB Baseball "HOF 96"

137) Autographed Duke Snider Baseball. "HOF 1980". w/ COA 

138) Mickey Mantle Commemorative 40th Anniversary Baseball 

139) Autographed Jim Palmer MLB Baseball 

140) Autographed Willie Mays MLB Baseball (smudged)

141) Autographed Whitey Ford MLB Baseball. Personalized message "To Dave, Whitey Ford" New York Yankees 

142) Autographed Reggie Jackson MLB Baseball. w/ COA New York Yankees 

143) Autographed Whitey Ford MLB Baseball. New York Yankees 

144) Autographed Andre Dawson Baseball 

145) Autographed Don Larson Perfect Game Baseball. "Don Larson PG 10-8-56"

146) Autographed Lou Brock Official 300th Hit Baseball. St Louis Cardinals

147) Autographed Rollie Fingers Baseball. "HOF 92"

148) Autographed Ferguson Jenkins MLB Baseball "HOF 91" w/ COA 

149) Autographed Bob Feller MLB Baseball. Personalized message "To David from Bob Feller" Faded

150) Autographed Sparky Lyle Baseball. "77 Cy Young" 

151) Autographed Nolan Ryan Baseball. All Star Strike Out King Display Stand

152) Autographed Bert Campinaris MLB Baseball. Personalized message "To Dave, Best Wishes Bert Campinaris"

153) Autographed Bob Feller Disney Baseball. Smudged 

154) Autographed "Moose" Bill Skowron MLB Baseball "61 World Champs"

155) Autographed Steve Carlton MLB Baseball 

156) Autographed Willie Mays MLB Baseball 

157) Autographed MLB Baseball. MULTIPLE SIGNATURES. Tommy Davis, Willie Horton, George Foster Bert Campinaris. Personal message from Tommy Davis..."To Dave, Your Son Is Crazy, But a Good Guy"!

158) Autographed George Foster MLB Baseball. Personalized message "To Dave, Best Always" #15

159) Autographed Jim Palmer MLB Baseball. "HOF 90"

160) 1993 Florida Marlins Inaugural Season Baseball "A season of firsts"

161) Autographed Frank Howard MLB Baseball. "1960 NL, ROY"

162) Autographed Dave Kingman Disney Baseball. "Good Luck"

163) Limited Edition Stan "The Man" Musial Player Logo Baseball 

164) Autographed Joe Torre MLB Baseball

165) Autographed Willie Mays 8x10 Player Photo. w/COA San Francisco Giants

166) Autographed Phil Rizzuto Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat

167) Autographed Whitey Ford Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat and Signed NY Yankees Baseball Hat

168) Autographed Stan "The Man" Musial Photo. w/COA 

169) Autographed Pete Rose Photo. w/COA 

170) Limited Edition. Mark McGwire First Issue : "King of Swing 70" Collectors Plate. The Bradford Exchange MLBP

171) Autographed Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Duke Snider Framed Lithograph. "Hall of Fame Center Fielders" 18" x 22" w/COA 

172) Autographed Ozzie Smith Mini Helmet w/ COA Sticker

173) Autographed Cal Ripkin Jr Framed Photograph 8" x 10" Baltimore Orioles  w/COA 

174) Autographed Ted Will8ams Framed Photograph. Boston Red Socks w/COA 

175) Babe Ruth Embossed Tin Sign. New York Yankees 

176) Ted Williams Tin Sign. 12" X 16"

177) Autographed Mickey Mantle Framed Photograph 8x10" PLUS 500th Home Run Photo. w/COA 

178) Autographed Yogi Berra Frames Photograph 8x10" w/COA 

179) Autographed Mark McGwire Framed Photograph 8x10" St Louis Cardinals. w/COA 

180) Autographed Don Mattingly Framed Photograph. 8x10" w/COA 

181) Autographed Hank Aaron Photo of 715th Home Run. w/COA 

182) Authentic "Black Yankees" Uniform Shirt. #24 Fat Jenkins. Negro National League. Includes a brief bio of Fat Jenkins. A rare opportunity to own a rich piece of American Baseball history!

183) NIB Yogi Berra Bobblehead w/ Playing Card. Upper Deck 2002 MLB Hall of Fame Collectable. New York Yankees 

184) Autographed Enos Slaughter Photograph. New York Yankees. w/COA 

185) Autographed Hank Bauer Photograph. 8x10" New York Yankees. w/COA 

186) Lot of 3 Autographed Photographs. Whitey Ford & Moose Skowro. 8x10's

187) Lot of 3 Wheaties Mini. "75 Year Champions" Collectors Edition. Sealed Box! 24k Gold Signatures. Jackie Robinson, Lou Gehrig, & Babe Ruth in Plexi-cases.

188) Lot of 3 Collectable Wheaties Mini. Mark McGwire, Cal Ripkin, 1980 "Miracle on Ice". Sealed

189) Lot of 2 Collectable Wheaties Mini. 24k Gold Signatures. Muhammad Ali & Walter Payton in Sealed Cases 

190) Lot of 3 Collectable Wheaties Mini. 24k Gold Signatures. John Elway, Tiger Woods, Mary Lou Retton (USA Gold Medalist Gymnastics)

191) Collectable Wheaties 2002 World Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Full Size Box in Case.

192) Lot of 3 Postcards. "All Time Greats" Jackie Robinson, Ty Cobb, Enos Slaughter. HOF. Mint Condition.

193) Lot of 3 Autographed Baseball Cards. Andre Dawson, Darryl Kile, Dave Henderson. Mint Condition 

194) Lot of 9 New York Yankees Baseball Cards. Assorted Players. Mint Condition 

195) Lot of 3 Old Yankee Stadium Framed Black and White Photos. 

196) Shaquille O'Neal Collectable Bobblehead. Miami Heat. Limited Edition #503 of 2007

197) Roger Woods Collectable Bobblehead. Upper Deck Collectors Edition 

198) Larry Bird Collectable Bobblehead. "Legends of the Court" Limited Edition #1609 of 5000

199) Mickey Mouse Collectable Bobblehead. Walt Disney World. 8"

200) Autographed 1996 MLB All-Star Game Phillies Hat. Numerous Signatures including Bert Campinaris, Willie Herton, and many more.

201) Lot of 3 DISNEY New York Giants Bobbleheads. Mickey, Goofy, Donald Duck. New In Box

202) Michael Jordan Bobblehead. 8" Ceramic. 1994 Chicago Bulls

203) Michael Jordan Bobblehead. Birmingham Barons. Brand New with Box

204) Michael Jordan "Looking To Score" Bradford Collectable Plate w/COA 

205) Michael Jordan Collectable Bobblehead. 8" Birmingham Barons 1994

206)  Michael Jordan "The Comeback" Bradford Ex Collectable Plate. Limited Edition w/COA 

207) Michael Jordan "Record 72 Wins" Upper Deck Collectable Plate w/COA 

208) Michael Jordan "Taking It Higher" Upper Deck Collectable Plate w/COA 

209) Michael Jordan "Slam Jammer" Upper Deck Collectable Plate w/COA.  Limited Edition 

210) Michael Jordan "The Shot" Upper Deck Collectable Plate w/COA. Condition note... has a small chip on back of plate.  

211) Michael Jordan "Rim Rocker" Collectable Plate. Bradford Exchange. Limited Edition 

212) Michael Jordan "Tough D" Collectable Plate w/COA. Upper Deck Limited Edition 

213) Michael Jordan "1993 Champions" Collectable Plate w/COA. Limited Edition 

214) Michael Jordan "1991 Championship" Collectable Plate w/COA. Limited Edition 

215) Michael Jordan "In Flight " Collectable Plate w/COA. Limited Edition 

216) Michael Jordan "MVP 1996" Collectable Plate w/COA. Upper Deck. Limited Edition 

217) Michael Jordan "No Stopping This" Collectable Plate w/COA. Upper Deck. Limited Edition 

218) Michael Jordan "Bulls In Five" Collectable Plate w/COA. Limited Edition 

219) Michael Jordan "1982 NCAA Championship" Collectable Plate w/COA. Upper Deck. Limited Edition 

220) Michael Jordan "Record 72 Wins" Collectable Plate w/COA. Upper Deck. Limited Edition 

221) Michael Jordan "Breaking The Records" Collectable Plate/Sculpture w/COA. Upper Deck. Limited Edition (# A00002)

222) Michael Jordan "Slam Jammer" Collectable Plate w/COA. Upper Deck. Limited Edition 

223) Ken Griffey ROOKIE CARD (mint) Plus a Collectable Plate w/COA Bradford Ex. Limited Edition

224) Dale Earnhardt Sr. "Always A Champion" Collectable Plate w/COA. Limited Edition 

225) Autographed Michael Jordan Framed Photograph. Chicago Bulls. 8x10" w/COA 

226) Autographed Magic Johnson Framed Photograph. Los Angeles Lakers. 8x10" w/COA

227) Autographed Shaquille O'Neal Framed Photograph. Los Angeles Lakers. 8x10" w/COA 

228) Autographed Kevin Durant Framed Photograph. Golden State Warriors. 8x10" w/COA 

229) Autographed Marshall Faulk Photograph. Indianapolis Colts. 8x10" 

230) Autographed Lot of 2 Billy Sims Photographs. Detroit Lions and 1980 Rookie of the Year. 8x10" w/COA 

231) Autographed Ricky Williams Photograph. New Orleans Saints. 8x10" w/COA 

232) Autographed Johnny Unitas Photograph. Baltimore Colts. 8x10" w/COA 

233) Lot of 2 Walter Payton Photographs Plus Rare "Sports Legends" Comic Book

234) Autographed Chris Chambers Photograph. Miami Dolphins. 8x10" w/COA 

235) Autographed Jay Fiedler Photograph. Miami Dolphins QB.  8x10" w/COA 

236) Autographed Jim Brown Photograph. Cleveland Browns. 8x10" w/COA 

237) Autographed Bob Griese Photograph. Miami Dolphins. 8x10" w/COA 

238) Autographed Ken Norton Jr Photograph. San Francisco 49ers. 8x10" w/COA 

239) Autographed Thurman Thomas Photograph. Buffalo Bills. 8x10" w/COA 

240) Autographed Errect Rhett Photograph. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 8x10" w/COA 

241) Autographed Pete Banaszak Photograph. Oakland Raiders. 8x10"

242) Autographed Bob Lilly Print. Dallas Cowboys. 8x10"

243) Autographed Don Maynard Photograph. New York Jets. 8x10" w/COA 

244) Autographed Lot of 12 NFL Player Photographs 

245) Autographed Lot of 2 Jerry Rice & Chris Carter Postcards. 

246) Autographed Gale Sayers Photograph. Chicago Bears. 8x10" w/COA 

247) Autographed Doug Flutie Photograph. San Diego Chargers. 8x10" w/COA 

248) Autographed Deion Sanders Photograph. Dallas Cowboys. 8x10" w/COA 

249) Autographed Troy Aikman Postcard. Dallas Cowboys. 

250) Autographed John Elway Photograph. Denver Broncos. 8x10" w/COA 

251) Autographed Lot of Baltimore Colts Team Memorabilia. 

252) Autographed Joe Namath Photograph. New York Jets. 8x10" w/COA

253) Autographed Randy Moss Photograph. Minnesota Vikings. 8x10" w/COA 

254) Autographed Kyle Rote Photograph. New York Giants. 8x10" w/COA 

255) Autographed Jay Novacek Photograph. Dallas Cowboys. 8x10" w/COA 

256) Autographed Tony Dorsett Photograph. Dallas Cowboys. 8x10" w/COA. Person message "To Dave, Best Always, Tony Dorsett, HOF 33"

257) Autographed Mike Ditka Photograph. New Orleans Saints. 8x10" w/COA. Personal message "To Dave and Joann, Best Wishes, Mike Ditka, HOF 

258) Autographed #47 Miami Dolphins. 8x10"

259) Autographed Steve Young Photograph. San Francisco 49ers. 8x10" w/COA 

260) Autographed Lot of 2 Muhammad Ali Photographs. 8x10" w/COA. Plus Michael Buffer Photograph "Lets Get Ready To Rumble"

261) Autographed George Forman Photograph. WBC 8x10 w/COA 

262) Autographed Jake "The Bronx Bull" LaMotta Photograph. 8x10" w/ purchase invoice.

263) Autographed Hector "Macho" Camacho Photograph. WBC 8x10" 

264) Autographed Ed "Too Tall" Jones Photograph. WBC 8x10" w/COA 

265) Autographed Sugar Ray Leonard Photograph. 8x10" w/COA 

266) Autographed Oscar De La Hota Photograph. WBC 8x10" w/COA 

267) Autographed Evander Holyfield Photograph. WBC 8x10" w/COA 

268) Autographed Ken Norton Photograph. 8x10" w/COA 

269) Autographed "Smokin'" Joe Frazier Photograph 

270) Autographed Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini Photograph. 8x10"

271) Autographed Lot of 3 Rory Sparrow Photographs. New York Knicks. 8x10" 

272) Autographed Doc Rivers Framed Photographs. Boston Celtics. 8x10"

273) Autographed Lot of 2 Elvin Hayes Autographed Photograph & Larry Bird. 8x10" 

274) Autographed Lot of 2 Dennis Rodman Photographs. Chicago Bulls. 8x10" w/ security seals.

275) Autographed Earl Monroe Photograph. New York Knicks. 8x10" w/COA 

276) Autographed Kobe Bryant Photograph. Los Angeles Lakers #8. 8x10" w/COA 

277) Autographed 1969-1970 NBA Champion New York Knickerbockers Team Photograph. Signatures: Willis Reed, Walt Frazier, Dave DeBusschere. 8x10"

278) Autographed Jo Jo White Photograph. Boston Celtics #10. w/COA 

279) Autographed Walt Frazier Photograph. New York Knicks. 8x10" w/COA 

280) Autographed Lot of 2 Photographs. Materials Archibald (Boston Celtics) & Mel Davis (New York Knicks). 

281) Autographed Alonzo Mourning Photograph. Miami Heat #33. 8x10" w/COA 

282) Autographed Kareem Abdul Jabar Photograph. Milwaukee Bucks #33. 8x10"

283) Autographed Ricky Fox Photograph. Boston Celtics #44. 8x10" w/COA 

284) Lot of 9 LeBron James ROOKIES and Michael Jordan Cards. Excellent to Mint Condition 

285) Autographed Ted Williams Photograph. 8x10" 

286) Autographed Duke Snider Photograph. Brooklyn Dodgers. 8x10" w/COA

287) Autographed Carl Erskine Photograph. Brooklyn Dodgers. 8x10" w/COA 

288) Autographed Roy White Photograph. New York Yankees. 8x10" w/COA 

289) Autographed Stan Musial Photograph. St. Louis Cardinals. 8x10" w/COA 

290) Autographed Jason Giambi Photograph. New York Yankees. 8x10" w/COA 

291) Autographed Bob Feller Photograph. Vintage Cleveland Indians. Personal message "To Dave, Best Wishes, Bob Feller, HOF 69

292) Autographed George Foster Photograph. Cincinnati Reds. 8x10"

293) Autographed Minnie Minosa Photograph. Cleveland Indians. 8x10" w/COA 

294) Autographed Ken Griffey Jr Photograph. Seattle Mariners. 8x10" w/COA 

295) Autographed Dave Campinaris Photograph. Oakland Athletics. 8x10"

296) Autographed Pittsburg Pirates #6 Photograph 

297) Autographed  Lot of 8 Dave Kingman Photographs. New York Mets. 8x10"

298) Autographed Lot of 4 Don Larsen Prints. New York Yankees. w/COA 

299) Autographed Lot of 2 Vintage Los Angeles Dodgers Photographs. 8x10"

300) Autographed Lot of 3 Steve Garvey Photographs. Vintage Los Angeles Dodgers. w/COA 

301) Autographed Willie Horton Photograph. Detroit Tigers. 8x10"

302) Autographed George Foster Photograph. Cincinnati Reds. 8x10"

303) Autographed Mark McGwire Photograph. Oakland A's. w/COA 

304) Autographed Mike Schmidt Photograph. Philadelphia Phillies. w/COA 

305) Autographed Lot of 19 Luis Tiant Photographs.

306) Autographed Lot of 3 Maury Wills Prints. Los Angeles Dodgers. w/COA 

307) Autographed Steve Garvey Photograph. Los Angeles Dodgers. 8x10"

308) Autographed Eddie Matthews Photograph. Milwaukee Braves. 8x10" w/COA 

309) Autographed Monte Irvin Photograph. New York Giants. 8x10" w/COA 

310) Autographed Sammy Sosa Photograph. Chicago Cubs. 8x10"

311) Autographed Enos Slaughter Photograph. St Louis Cardinals. 8x10" w/COA 

312) Autographed Dave Parker Photograph. Pittsburgh Pirates. 8x10"

313) Autographed Mike Piazza Photograph. New York Mets. 8x10" w/COA 

314) Autographed Barry Bonds "73rd" Photograph. 8x10" w/COA 

315) Autographed Barry Bonds Picture. 8x10" w/COA 

316) Autographed Jason Giambi Photograph. Oakland Athletics. 8x10"

317) Autographed Lot of 15 Bob Feller Photographs. 1930's Cleveland Indians. 8x10"

318) Autographed Lot of 8 Bob Feller Photographs. 1930's Cleveland Indians. 8x10"

319) Autographed Lot of 5 George Foster Photographs. Cincinnati Reds. 8x10"

320) Autographed Jim Palmer Photograph. Baltimore Orioles. 8x10" w/COA 

321) Autographed Willie Mays & Larry Bowa Photographs. 8x10"

322) Autographed Ozzie Smith (St Louis) & Jim Palmer (Baltimore Orioles) Photographs. 8x10" w/COA 

323) Autographed Sparky Lyle Photograph. New York Yankees. 8x10" w/COA 

324) Autographed Tom Seaver Photograph. 8x10" w/COA 

325) Autographed Phil Rizzuto Photograph Plus 1949 World Champions Team Photo.

326) Autographed Lot of 12 MLB Baseball Cards. COULD BE SLEEPERS IN THIS LOT!! Bill Schroeder, Butch Wynegar, Joe Orsulak, Eric Plunk, Mike Trombley, Scott Sanderson, Rich Yett, Andy McGaffigan, Lance Blankenship,  Craig Paquette, Brian Cooper, and Jeff Brantley.




330) Lot of 5 Autographed Baseballs by MLB Players. Some signatures are faded.

331) Autographed Lance Armstrong Photograph. 8x10"

332) Autographed Lot of 4 Billy Sims Photographs. "All Pro" "78 Heisman". w/COA 

333) Autographed Jerome "Bus" Bettis & L.C. Greenwood. Pittsburgh Steelers.

334) Autographed Thurman Thomas & Andre Reed Photographs. Buffalo Bills. Authentic 

335) Autographed Jay Novacek Photograph. Dallas Cowboys. 8x10"

336) Autographed Ronnie Lott Photograph. San Francisco 49ers. 8x10"

337) Autographed Jay Fiedler Photograph. Miami Dolphins. 8x10" w/COA 

338) Autographed Paul Hornung Photograph. Green Bay Packers. 8x10" 

339) Autographed Jerry Rice Photograph. San Francisco 49ers. 8x10" w/COA 

340) Autographed Jon Gruden & Lee Roy Salmon Photographs.  8x10"

341) Autographed Marv Levy Photograph. Buffalo Bills. 8x10"

342) Autographed Howie Long Photograph. Oakland Raiders. 8x10"

343) "THE SOPRANOS"  Cast Signed x5 Framed Photograph. Cemetery Scene. James Gandolfini, Tony Sirico, Michael Imperioli, Steven Van Zandt, Pastore. W/COA 

344) Autographed James "TONY SOPRANO" Gandolfini Framed Photograph. 8x10"

345) Autographed "SOPRANOS" Cast Photograph. 8x10"

346) Autographed John Hart "THE LONE RANGER" Plaque

347) Autographed JOHN GRISHAM Photograph w/COA 

348) Autographed Images Garten "BAREFOOT CONTESSA" Photograph w/COA 

349) Autographed SEX IN THE CITY Cast Photograph. 8x10" w/COA 

350) Autographed Lot of 2 WWE HULK HOGAN Photos. 8x10" & 16x20" Both Signed

351) Lot of 3 Michael Jordan Upper Deck "NBA Finals Shot" Cans. Lot Of 3 Michael Jordan Upper Deck **Condition is Brand New - Factory Sealed. Each Tin Contains 7 Cards, 1 Michael Jordan NBA Finals Shots Insert Card + 6 NBA UD Choice Series One Preview Trading Cards. Also a Coin Bank Fitz & Floyd Basketball Players Porcelain Multi Cultural.


354) Lot of 6 MLB Beenie Babies, Plus a Don Mattingly "Signature Bat".

355) Lot of 4 (2 pairs) American Flag Boxing Gloves. 20 oz.

356) Pewter Golfer Figurine Set Plus Campbell Collectable Cards Set 

357) Autographed Billy Sims Detroit Lions Hat & 2007 HOF Hat

358) Lot of 2  1972 JIM BEAM "Presidential Race" Decanters. 

359) Lot of 4  1969 " Baseball 100th Anniversary" JIM BEAM Decanters Plus "Louisville Superdome" Decanter 

360) Lot of 2 JIM BEAM Rocky Marciano Undefeated Boxing Champion Decanters. 1973

361) Lot of 2 JIM BEAM Vintage 1970 25th Anniversary American Veterans AMVETS Decanter & "Saturday Evening Post" by Norman Rockwell Decanter 

362) Lot of 3 Collectors HOF Football Decanters. 1972

363) HUGE LOT OF 1000's!! Baseball, Football, Basketball Cards. All from David's personal collection! There's no telling what you might find. ** UNSEARCHED AND UNRESEARCHED **  SLEEPER LOT!!!

364) Custom Made ROD CAREW Directors Chair.