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Not every estate sale company understands the importance of good communication between the liquidator and the seller. At Next Step we promise to answer your calls and respond to your emails. You will never be left in the dark. After all, these are your things until the sale is concluded.


We will digitally document an inventory of all items to be sold as well as anything not being sold. Its our company policy for providing an accurate summary to our clients during the final accounting.


We will price all items at a fair market value using a variety of methods. We are quite good at finding the perfect balance between maximizing your proceeds & not having a large amount of unsold items at the completion of the sale. We will always welcome your input on specific or specialty items simply because who would know the history of an item better than the owner?


We will provide everything needed to make your sale professional, organized, secure and safe. We provide tables, table coverings, clothes racks when needed, cash register, pricing, signage, etc. All items will be clearly labeled with stickers, tags or signs. Attention will be paid to the flow of foot traffic and each room will have a “theme” with like items staged together.


We will provide for advertising at our expense to include the following; ads in the local paper, social media outlets, including Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist, national and regional sale websites & our website under, ‘upcoming sales’. We will also provide signs on roadways.


We will conduct your sale in a professional, orderly manner using every resource at our fingertips. Attention will be paid to detail and we will be on the look out for thieves. We accept cash, credit cards and local checks with proper identification. Sufficient manpower will be provided during sale hours and all company policies will be strictly adhered to.


During the sale we will remain focused on our goal, (total liquidation with maximum proceeds). The 1st day of the sale, all items will be the total amount of the tagged price. (No Exceptions) Day 2 of sale everything will be 25% off. Day 3 of sale everything will be marked 50% off with exceptions. There is a prominent offer box where customers can place sealed bids on any items. This really helps to avoid having unsold items at the end of the sale. Our sales will start promptly at the designated time and run the duration allowed.

Discover why we're Central Florida's Favorite Estate Sale Company

Relax with us. We started this estate sale company so we can help take the load off of you. From the 1st time we meet until the conclusion of our sale, we have your best interest in mind. Call today to schedule an appointment.
You do not have to pay a dime to talk to us. We visit your home. We give you an estimate. We go over the Contract with you. We agree on a percentage. Sign the contract. The rest is all on us. We will always try our very best to get top dollar for you. What does not sell, we will send will be donated to the donation center of your choice. You will receive a certificate from the donation center to use as a tax right off, unless otherwise stated by you. Its that simple. Let us know when you are ready.


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